Does My Partner Can Be Unsatisfied With In My Penis Enlargement?

When my partner and I first began trying to enlarge our penis, we really didn’t know what the outcome would be. The truth was that when she first told me about the enlargement problem she was having, she really didn’t like the size at all. We both knew that was a risky thing to do because she had been told that getting a bigger penis could be dangerous. When I first told her about the possible dangers of trying to make my penis bigger she was very reluctant to start, but once she started it she was very pleased. But did my partner can be unsatisfied with my penis enlargement issue can be dangerous?

It’s hard to say. The truth is that even if she was not willing to go ahead with the enlargement process we both agreed that the enlargement process would have to be done regardless. So it could be that she was unsatisfied with the size at first, but soon we began to talk more about sex and she was more than happy to wait and see if the size increased. My penis-enlargement process worked because we talked openly about sex and the benefits of it. My partner is happy with the penis enlargement issue can be dangerous because we both agree that it’s not going to happen overnight and it’s not going to be something that we ever talk about again.

I also think that sometimes when someone is unsatisfied with a certain aspect of their body they tend to pick at that part, so to speak, and get upset about it. It could be that she was upset about the penis enlargement aspect of the whole deal and was picking at the idea that we weren’t completely committed to the process. Whatever the case maybe it doesn’t matter as much. What does matter is that she is satisfied with the penis enlargement and that there was open communication regarding the whole issue. If you’re unsatisfied with your penis size and you need help then I highly recommend penis enlargement.

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